О Нас

15 years ago, in 1998, Anushavan Khachatryan and his father Samvel Khachatryan founded a company, that later became the leading supplier of medical goods in the local market.

Today, Meditech works with a number of private International and state-owned Healthcare organizations and Hospitals, NGOs and humanitarian organizations.

Meditech is the only company that provides warranty, after sales and maintenance services, along with the supply of high quality medical equipment, furniture and disposables. Our team of well trained biomedical engineers provides installation of multiple medical complexes, consisting of MRI systems, CT scans, X-ray systems, ultrasound systems etc.

The engineer staff does not only deal with medical equipment, but also they are known for building and renovating Ambulance machines (many of them you can see in Yerevan streets).

One of the most important accomplishments from 15 year of experience, is the company's highly reliable reputation among both partners and customers.

Meditech's main goal is to have well equipped healthcare facilities throughout the country.

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